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FishingMobile, with Two Minute Tackle

RedHead Reality Series Custom Cherry Friction Turkey Call

Talk turkey this season with a RedHead Reality Series Custom Cherry Friction Turkey Call It shouldn't be so hard to fool a turkey. At least that's what you tell yourself each season. But sometimes it just doesn't go your way. The RedHead® Reality Series™ Custom Cherry Friction Turkey Calls, which are available in glass and slate tops, can up your calling game and bring that gobbler into range. Each pot is crafted from a gorgeous cherry wood that not only looks great but resonates well with the call, giving a deep and natural tone. Select from either a natural slate calling surface that produces warm and extremely natural sounding clucks, yelps and purrs, or the long-distance reach of a glass calling surface that produces outstanding long-range turkey tones and rich tones at lower volumes for close range work. Either surface is designed to give you optimal control and tone with minimal hand movement, something that you're sure to appreciate when the birds are closing in. Each call comes with two strikers. The Redhead purpleheart striker produces perfect yelps, purrs, clucks, and soft tree talk. The hardwood striker helps you make quick changes in pitch, plus it has a waterproof tip for those hunts when Mother Nature decides to open up the skies. This striker ensures you'll still be singing in the rain.