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FishingMobile, with Two Minute Tackle


If you’re an angler looking to break a state record in Wisconsin, you might want to make your way to Lake Wazee in Jackson County. That’s because during a DNR survey, officials netted a huge walleye that may potentially be a new state record the Lacrosse Tribune reports.

Officials were netting fish as part of a survey on December 16 when they noticed a fish that was larger than the others in the net. It turned out to be a 32.3-inch long walleye. Unfortunately, DNR fish biologist Daniel Hatleli and fish technition Brad Betthauser only had a spring scale that was uncertified with them. But, the fished unofficially weighed 17 ½ pounds.

That puts the huge fish a half-pound from the state record as an 18 pound monster that has stood as the record since 1933! But perhaps most exciting is the fact they released the fish back into the lake where anglers could have a shot at it.

The trouble will be in catching the huge fish from a lake that will present some different challenges. The Lacrosse Tribune reports the lake is actually an old iron pit. With extreme depths of 350 feet at its deepest points, re-capturing the lunker would definitely prove a challenge.

“Because of its uniqueness, a lot of your typical fishing techniques you would use in most lakes around here and in Wisconsin aren’t going to apply,” Hatleli told the Tribune.

Of course, who said breaking a state record would be easy? Knowing this huge walleye is out there might help a determined angler. And the chance to break a record that is 82 years old? It might just be worth it!