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The Best Leaning Posts Every Fisherman Needs To Know About

Every fisherman needs the right marine accessories in his boat. This simply means the right boat seats, the right upholstery, the right boating hardware, steering and lean posts. These items will increase the comfort for the travelers and make the trip a happy one. It is the duty of every fisherman to invest in the right equipment for his boat.

The leaning posts is a multi-purpose equipment in a boat. They can be used a seat, to provide comfort for the travelers, as a fishing rod stand, for the people interested in fishing and sometimes even as cup holders. This makes it ideal for the mariners, as they don't add bulk to the boat or use more space and they can perform multiple functions.

Hot Mark IV Leaning Post

The Hot Mark IV is a type of leaning posts that is one inch in diameter for structure. It is welded in TIG fillet and an aluminum structure of 6061-T6. This gives the post superior durability and strength. It is an awesome accessory for any boat because it can hold more than three thousand pounds with not much effort. The seats are made for comfort. They are heavy duty and they can withstand any severe weather effects. The shiny vinyl is perfectly fitted giving them a superb look. This post features an aluminum tub for storage located under the seat, a back rest that is removable, four rod holders, a storage space that is cooler under the tub, a nylon strap for securing that is two inches and a slide buckle that is two inches, which helps to quickly release the cooler. They are made of high quality and require very little maintenance.

The Barracuda Fixie Bolster

The barracuda Fixie bolster that comes with two side convertible leaning post. They have a deep and comfortable front seat that can also function as a waist hugging bolster by simply converting it. They enable you to have conversations easily in your boat as you don't have to twist and turn much. The structure is one and half inch in diameter and 40 TIG fillet welded aluminum that is 6061-T6. This gives these posts strength and can be used over a long time. Another factor that contributes to this is because they are screwed together and not bolted. They are ideal for blue water fishing and they are weather resistant making them great marine accessories for every boat.