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How To Fish With Powerbait: 3 Tips That Will Help You Catch More Fish

If you fish for trout you are undoubtedly aware of the trout bait known as "Powerbait", but did you know that this unique fishing bait is also available in options other than the trout bait that comes in little jars? Now don't get me wrong, I have been using traditional Powerbait to catch trout for more than twenty years and love the stuff, but the truth is that nowadays the line of Powerbait products is quite extensive and has value far beyond the world of trout fishing.

As a person who has been catching fish with various Powerbait products for more than 20 years, below I will outline how to fish with Powerbait by outlining 3 tips that will help you catch more fish. When added to your fishing arsenal, the tips will help you increase your catch rates anytime that you are using this unique type of fishing bait.

  • "Fresh" Powerbait is Better - When you open any Powerbait product, whether it be the extruded trout bait or packaged "soft plastic" Powerbait, that is when it is the most effective. Now does this mean that your bait needs to be replaced every fishing trip or two if it isn't used up? No, not at all, but with each new fishing season, any Powerbait product that you use should be replaced for maximum effectiveness. The longer the bait sits after being opened, the less effective it becomes.

  • Make The Focus Be The Bait - Many Powerbait products (such as Power trout worms or minnows) are shaped just like live bait and thus should be rigged in much the same way. This means that small fishing hooks should be used so that the focus of your offering is the bait and the scents that the bait is releasing into the water, rather than the fishing hook. If you want to fish with Powerbait and catch more fish, make sure that the fishing hooks that you use are as small as possible.

  • Fish When The Fish Are Most Active - This tip isn't limited to how to fish with Powerbait and actually pertains to fishing with any type of bait, but fishing when the fish are the most active on a given day is as important as anything. So, how do you determine when the fish are going to be the most active? Simply by paying attention to things like the weather, the phase of the moon, and the moon rise and set and planning your fishing trip accordingly.

The bottom line is that these 3 simple tips will help you catch more fish anytime that you are fishing with the extremely effective bait known as Powerbait.

Trevor Kugler is Co-founder of JRWfishing and has more than 25 years of fishing experience. He currently raises his eight year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country... Montana.

About Trevor Kugler

Co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 25 years experience fishing for all types of fish with an emphasis on trout and small mouth bass fishing in rivers and streams. He currently raises his seven year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country...Montana!