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FishingMobile, with Two Minute Tackle

Fly-Fishing For Northern Snakehead Fish

Snakehead fish are here. They are a top-tier predator, which means they have very few natural predators, except for us. They are very aggressive and attack with a ferocious hit. To catch them, you will need top water flies, such as frogs, poppers and other type of splashy flies.

Snakehead Fish: Top Water and Aggressive

This will make a fly fisherman happy. Top water, aggressive, and hard fighting, what else can a fly fisherman ask for when fishing.

Check Out Snakehead Laws Before Fishing

While they are good to eat and fun to catch, you need to check out the regulations regarding snakehead fishing. Snakeheads are banned in 18 states and possession of any live snakehead will result in heavy fines and in some cases jail time.

Most States Want Snakeheads Dead

While northern snakeheads are growing in several states, be careful about regulations regarding bringing them home. Make sure you know what is required to carry them across state lines. In most cases, no live fish can be transported and will have to be gutted and all internal organs removed. Once again check, out the regulations before going snakehead fishing.

Some States Offer Rewards

You will find in some states there are rewards for catching these vicious predators. Top-tier fish will always be a challenge to any environment. We as true sportsmen want to make sure we do not endanger the species of fish we love to catch. Keep this in mind when fishing for the Frankenstein fish called the Snakehead.

How to Catch the Fish

Now that you have been warned here are some tips on catching this predator fish.

#1 Use braided notable metallic line. This will be handy because snakeheads have very sharp teeth similar to pike.

#2 Top water baits with a lot of action will be a first choice.

#3 Bring mesh gloves or gloves that will resist accidental biting.

#4 Have something ready to kill the fish with. In most states, you are required to kill the fish and you are not allowed to throw it back. Catch and release is a no-no.

You will find plenty of related material on the Internet regarding snakehead fish. Like any other species of fish, always check out your species, know their habitat, and of course, know the regulations and requirements before going fishing.

Snakeheads will be a great fish to catch. Just be careful, they are a highly regulated species. Good luck.