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Knowing Your Lure Retriever

A number of times you did not know how to get a plug loose from a stump rock. There have been times when you had to go swimming to save plugs hung on stuff on the bottom of the lake. One can distinguish between a good fishing days from a bad one may be based on the enjoyment and fun that was had on that day. It is actually a great loss when one loses the tackle box items, especially the fishing lures, which have been chosen with great care.

But one thing has to be kept in mind that there are different types of lure retrievers. There are different types of lure retrievers available in the fishing tackle shops. Some of the good quality lures are pretty expensive and if we can invest a little more than the value of the lures, we would have to go back home all grumpy and upset after having lost a number of them after a single fishing trip.

The tackle retrievers are designed almost on the same principle of using a heavy weight and some kind of guide to slide the weight down the line. A chain arrangement or a wire grabber grabs the swivel at the tow point or tangle on the trebles. You can pull the most well snagged lure out once the tackle retriever has been tied to a good strong chord.

There are a lot of products available in the fishing tackle shops today. It is thus a good idea to at least check out a few local tackle stores to make sure you have a fair idea about what to buy exactly.

Pole Retriever is that type of a retriever that works well for lures hung in 15 feet or so deep water- shallow water. These telescopic poles often have a hook or wire at the end. All you need to do is to clip the end of your pole retriever to the line, slide the loop down and then hook the plug. It is a little difficult to handle but effective; even if you have to pull lures out of trees; not that we would cast up into a tree!

Sliding a heavy weight down on your line will help jiggle your hung plug loose. You need a big paper clip and a heavy two or three ounce sinker. Drilling half an inch of hole or inch or two on the board will help you make a simple mold. Pour the molten lead into the hole inserting the end of the paper clip, quickly before it hardens. This was by using weight and clip.

One of the easiest kinds of lure retrievers by using chain and weight, but you can lose the plug knocker and the plug! These are long lasting and effective. It can retrieve Jigs, spinner baits, crank baits and plastic worms. Some versions also help retrieve live bait rigs if designed accordingly.

So, the next time you go fishing, do not forget to carry one of these lure retrievers in your tackle box along with all other stuffs. With one of these lure retrievers; you will never lose any more of your expensive fishing lures.

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