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River Fishing Tips For You

You can't just borrow someone's fishing gears and head to the river, hoping to catch some fish! If you are new to fishing, these following river fishing tips will surely help you land some big fish. There is a vast difference between river fishing and fishing in lake and other stable bodies and this is due to the current. And this holds true for no matter what fish he is looking forward to catch.

Some inexperienced anglers and fishing buffs assume that wading through the waters with a fishing rod in hand or just sitting on the bank with the line in the water will help them catch some fish. But this notion is absolutely false. Only an experienced angler and fishing guides know the trick behind a successful river fishing attempt.

  • Carrying an effective bug spray is very important for anglers while they are river fishing. The bugs are present in numerous numbers and they could really make an angler uncomfortable while he is concentrating on a particular catch. A good bug spray can help an angler to stay longer in the water and longer he is in the water, here are more chances of him catching a fish.
  • ┬áSound can pass through a greater distance under water. Thus it is important to tread lightly as the slightest sound can end up scaring a fish. Choose your fishing spot wisely and see to it that you wade really slowly and gently over the rocks and the sticks.
  • ┬áRiver currents are another thing you should keep in mind. The sections in the water will tell you about the migration trends of the fish. Fish could be hiding in the river pockets. You need to know study a bit about the river currents to know where exactly you can find fish to catch.
  • Hook a night crawler and allow it to drift with the river' current. This is a very effective way to catch a lot of fish in the river. This is known as fishing with the use of drift bait.
  • Using live bait is also recommended when you are fishing in the rivers. But the presentation of it should not be flawed; this determines the reactions of the fish. The more realistic it looks the better results you will get.
  • Anglers should concentrate on river bends to catch more fish. The river bends help attracting the fish to assemble due to the drifting bugs and other food sources. At times the current also digs out a hollow in the bank that provides cooler water and shade.
  • Fishing deeper in the river waters will definitely yield more fish especially in the warm weather. Once you are done fishing in the shallow waters, wading in the deeper parts filled with edges will help you catch more fish.
  • Last but not the least, keeping a note on the time of fishing is important. The overall weather, the moon's position, wind direction, sun up and sun down time will enable the angler to get an idea about where to fish and at what time. Or else one would have to stand in the water all the way through and head back home without a single fish.

Hope these tips help you the next time you go fishing in the river. Tight lines!

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Allan Simons is a seasoned angler from Australia. He writes various articles on fishing, fishing tips, fishing spots and all that is related to the wonderful sport.