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FishingMobile, with Two Minute Tackle

The massive blue marlin shown in the pics should break the standing world record for Atlantic blue marlin caught by a female angler.

it is not every day that a fishing world record for over 30 years is broken. However, that exact scenario will happen if the Atlantic blue marlin caught by Hawaiian angler Jada Holt is approved the International Game Fish Association (igfa).

holt was fishing with a boat crew based out of Kona, Hawaii in the waters near Ascension Island. Ascension Island is almost halfway around the world from Hawaii and sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa.

“It smoked half a spool, and we chased it down and got to it in 15 minutes,” the captain of the boat, Bryan Toney, told GrindTV. “Pretty epic. Largest blue ever caught by a women on the planet, and potential new Atlantic record that will beat a 30-plus-year-old record.”

holt, who caught her first Igfa record-setting fish at the age of 10, managed to land the marlin in an astounding 15 minutes. Landing a fish of that size usually takes several hours, but several factors worked in Holt’s favor. The boat the group was fishing from was used to chase the marlin down which is a common strategy. However, a fortuitous hook position and Holt’s experience as an angler also helped make the fight brief.

according to Kona fishing writer Jim Rizzuto, “The unusual brevity of the fight may also have been aided by the placement of the hook.  Anchored in the tip of the lower jaw, it provided a pulling point which helped turn the fish and lead it to the boat.”

the group intended to release the marlin to fight another day until realizing that it had the potential to be a new world record for Holt.

congratulations to Jada on her incredible catch!