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FishingMobile, with Two Minute Tackle

Fall Muskie Fishing on Lake of the Woods Proves It’s Not Over Yet [VIDEO]

Lake of the Woods fall Muskie fishing is a prime example of why you never want to let your fishing tackle get dusty.  

Lake of the Woods rests mostly in the province of Ontario, Canada, partly in the province of Manitoba, and has a nice chunk in the state of Minnesota.

These guys didn’t let their fishing rods cool off too much from the summer, and by taking the time to get out on this famous Muskie lake, they were rewarded with several nice catches.

That’s a great job of boating and releasing some nice muskellunge!

Based on some of the other videos that the Burlaga Fishing Team has posted, I’m guessing that this is somewhere on the Canadian side.

They did say that they had one “biggun” on but that it spooled one of their reels, which is too bad.

I hate to think of a big Muskie swimming around with a large plug stuck in his face and trailing 150-plus yards of line around behind him, but chalk it up to experience.