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Deep Sea Fishing Tips

1. Watch what the sea and its wildlife are telling you

If you see birds, such as gulls, hovering over an area of water, pay attention. There is a strong likelihood that there are smaller fish that are used by fishermen for bait in the immediate area. This shows that there will be larger fish under the surface of the water. Driftwood is another sign of larger fish in the area. Follow these simple indications and you will be landing fish in no time.

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2. Watch out for snooks hiding places

If you are on the lookout for snooks on your fishing trip, remember to look underneath ledges as they are a favorite hiding place for them. Snooks are very similar in their habits to bass.

3. Use crabs during a full moon

Crabs tend to shed their skins during the full moon. So when fishing during a full moon, try using soft crab imitations for your bait. This will entice stripers out of their hiding places to look for the crabs.

4. Find dolphins when fishing for tuna

If you are fishing for tuna, particularly yellowfin, the best way to spot them is to look for dolphins. Tuna school with them, so if you see dolphins you can bet that tuna won't be far away. Just be sure to be careful that you don't land a dolphin by accident since they are a protected species and must be treated with respect.

5. Burn, don't cut

If you find that you can't cut your line, try burning through it instead. You will find it is much easier to do and avoid being cut if your scissors slip.

6. Fish near a reef.

If you haven't tried it before, fish near a reef. You will be surprised at the number of large fish that are feeding on smaller fish that live on a reef.

7. Raise your chances with a Circle Hook

If you would like to raise your hook up quota, opt for a circle hook. They will increase your catches due to their make up. And you will find removing the hook easier as it will not stick in the fish gut.

8. Find your sea legs

If you find that you are suffering from sea sickness try watching the horizon. It may sound silly but try to stay on deck if you can. Staying downwind of fumes is also advisable as they can make you feel worse.

9. Anchor trouble

If you discover that you cannot raise your anchor after dropping, use a float attached to it. By noting when the tide turns you should be able to free the anchor and set sail once again.

10. Find the fish in order to fish successfully

If you thought that you should be catching your live bait first and then moving away from the reef to catch more fish, think again. If you stay near the live bait, you increase your chances of catching the larger fish that are feeding on them.

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Shetland Isles - A Fisherman's Paradise Part 2

Sea fishing in Shetland, is quite simply, one of the most comprehensive fishing experiences going. It's hard to beat the thrill and excitement you feel in the pit of your stomach as your rod tugs and bends under the weight of fish. The anticipation of what you might find on the end of your line stirs the child in you as it recalls the feelings of excitement you had when you caught your first ever fish.

With the sea around Shetland rich in Herring, Mackerel, Haddock, Cod, Ling, Whiting, Dogfish and even Skate, you can never be quite sure what will break the surface as you reel in your catch. Sometimes the sheer weight and strength of fish can make it impossible for even the strongest arm and high tech equipment to reel in and you find yourself having to pull your rod up then quickly reel in the slack as you drop the tip of your rod before heaving up again. Then you see them, silver under bellies like lights in the water, flashing as they twist and turn in an attempt to get away from the invisible force that pulls them skyward. As they near the surface you can't help but wonder how big they are, how many there are, what kind they are. Such is the level of excitement and anticipation that its almost an anti-climax when your catch is finally in the boat and the fight over. Once safely off the hook though, your attention immediately turns to getting your line back in the water as your mind and body crave the adrenaline and excitement all over again. And as your bait disappears beneath the surface, you feel a grin spread across your face. Your mind wanders, and in answer to the question asked by a great ELO song, you think to yourself - This Is The Way Life's Meant To Be.

But fishing is only a part of the fun. Bobbing around in a 20 foot boat can leave you feeling very small and insignificant indeed as you leave the land behind and head for your favourite fishing spot. This feeling of aloneness and exposure is part of the adventure and in spite of how it may appear, there is no need in this day and age to leave yourself exposed to unnecessary risk at sea. With modern day equipment like GPS, depth finder, VHF radio, flares and self inflating life jacket, the safety of both vessel and crew is much easier to assure than it was for the inhabitants of Shetland 100years ago. For in these days, even a weather forecast was non existent and only the experience and knowledge of the locals could give some idea of what nature had in store as the men headed 50 miles offshore in a 22 foot open Sixareen with a square sail and six oars.

Sea fishing off Shetlands 1,697 miles of coastline is about as good as it gets. With a huge variety of fish on offer and as many local people and boats with expert knowledge of where to catch them, you need never go home empty handed. And talking of going home, the fun doesn't end when you hit shore, the feeling of satisfaction you get when you present your catch to those back home and the enjoyment of relaying every inch of the adventure to them can spin the whole thing out for another hour or so.

Its the complete fishing experience which Shetland offers that brings fishermen back, time and time again.

The world has never been smaller, travel has never been easier, and Shetland, the true home of fishing and adventure beckons to you. So what are you waiting for?

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Adventures at Sea

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a wonderful city to visit and offers much to do for the tourist. Many come for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including the opportunity to head out on the ocean in a lobster boat. The experience of pulling up a lobster trap while aboard the boat and then later enjoying a meal of your catch is available when you visit Halifax during the summer months and the lobster season is open.

On some trips, you'll get a guided tour of Halifax Harbour and some education about the life-cycle of the lobster. There may even be naturalists aboard that can answer most of the questions you might have.

If lobster is not your thing but you'd still love to get out on the ocean, you could book one of the deep sea fishing excursions available that sail out of the port of Halifax. Species of fish that are targeted include cod, haddock, mackerel and blue fish.

If you're looking for something that the whole family will enjoy, consider whale watching. You can head out of Halifax Harbour to the open sea while the ship captain guides the craft toward pods of whales as well as seals and dolphins. You will definitely want to have your camera available! Other day trips include visiting islands off the coast of Nova Scotia where you may be able to view wildlife such as puffins on Bird Island.

If you enjoy fly fishing, consider casting some flies to shark that are cruising the Atlantic Ocean. Saltwater fly fishing is one of the fastest growing sports and going for shark could be the thrill of a lifetime.

If you are planning to venture out to see, be sure to bring a long a warm sweater and rain jacket even in the summer as the weather can change quickly. You'll want to be comfortable no matter the weather to really enjoy your trip.

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