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FishingMobile, with Two Minute Tackle

Do you See What I See?

Each year as lakes freeze and suspended particles settle and the water clears, sometimes to the point that you are able to see many feet down your hole. In the clearest lakes you will find consistent weed growth in depths from 4-10 feet. When you have this combination the shallow weeds act as magnets for many of the panfish species. One of my favorite things to do on these lakes is sight fish. What better way to learn what the fish are actually interested in than by watching their reactions to your every jig stroke.

This tactic will require a couple minor changes. First off, a larger hole is better for getting a wider field of view of the underwater world. And second, a shelter with a black interior that block as much natural light as possible.

I like to use jigs that are easier to see. Ones with a wider profile and brighter colors on the top side are preferred. The Skandia Tapiola jigs are almost always a first choice. From there the fish will let you know what they want.

What better way to educate yourself as to what strokes can trigger a strike than actually watching the posture of the fish as they approach your bait.

So get out there, get covered up and enjoy the show!

The Skandia Tapiola jigs