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Best Bass Baits

These baits are all time tested and have been proven to catch bass on a consistent basis no matter what season it is. Add some knowledge about the weather, moon, color patterns, and bass behavior and you will become a much more successful bass fisherman. The bottom line is that these 3 baits are easily among the best bass baits of all time and should all be a part of any serious bass fisherman's arsenal.

I'm not going to list these baits in any particular order, seeing as how they seem to be equally effective in different fishing situations.

  1. Plastic Worms - Anyone who is the least bit familiar with bass fishing knows how popular plastic worms are. Plastic worms undoubtedly have their place among the best lures of all time. These bass baits can be fished as a Carolina Rig, Texas Rig, or even a Wacky Rig, among others and are extremely effective at catching bass in a variety of situations. With technological advances plastic worms have also been taken to another level by being manufactured with bass attracting scents impregnated into them. Plastic worms certainly need to be mentioned among the best bass baits.
  2. Spinner Baits - Spinner baits are an excellent bass bait and are wonderful for covering a lot of water fast. As a general rule these baits tend to catch larger bass as well. Something to keep in mind the next time you head out to your favorite bass fishing lake. These bass fishing lures create a ton of vibration and flash under the water which attracts hungry bass in many instances.
  3. Swim Baits - Swim baits are a crank bait/soft bait hybrid and are among the best bass baits available today. Some of the most effective swim baits are the ones that mimic live shad (a major food source for bass in many lakes). These lures are extremely realistic and look almost exactly like live bait fish. Swim baits are excellent bass baits for many bass fishing scenarios.

The bottom line is that these 3 bass fishing baits are among the most effective bass fishing lures available to bass fishermen. If any of these baits aren't a part of your tackle box they should be added sooner rather than later.

Best Bass Lures - The Best Bass Lures For 2010

In this article I will list some of the best bass lures for 2010. When it comes to the best lures for bass fishing the list is almost endless, and determining which ones are "the best" is all but impossible. With that being said I will give it a shot, because when a lure is new to the market it has the opportunity to change the way we look at fishing lures forever.

The bass lures being listed in this article are all productive and have all been proven to catch bass in various bass fishing situations. However the lures are being listed in no particular order, because at the end of the day the best lure will vary from bass fisherman to bass fisherman. Give all of these lures a shot so that you can determine which lure is the best of these new bass lures for you and your personal bass fishing preferences.

  1. Yum Money Frogs - Yum baits are very effective bass lures because they are manufactured with bass attracting scents in them. Yum soft plastics are very effective fish catching baits. The Money Frog displaces water like nobody's business, and attracts bass from long distances. This bass lure is very effective when fished over and through weed beds or other places that live frogs are found.
  2. Vibra Flx Double Willow - This Spinnerbaits frame is built from Vibra-Flx wire, which creates more vibration than standard stainless wire when being pulled through the water. The wire is also twice as durable as traditional wire, which means that this lure is twice as tough. The double willow blades create a ton of vibration and flash that hungry bass find hard to resist.
  3. KickTail Minnow - The KickTail minnow won the "best in show" award recently in Europe and is an extremely effective bass lure for 2010. This bait mimics a live shad to an incredible degree and anyone who fishes for bass knows what a food source shad are for bass in many locations. When it comes to the best bass lures for 2010 the KickTail minnow has to be on the list.
  4. Bite Light Lures - Bite light lures electronically blink blood red to attract hungry bass. As weird as this may sound, bite light lures actually work quite well, especially when bass aren't actively feeding. These bass lures come is 3 varieties including floating, sinking, and deep diving. Bite light crank baits are among the best bass lures for 2010.
  5. DynaFlex Flexible Spinner Bait - This Spinnerbait was actually featured in USA Today and features a thin rubber tube between the hook and the spinner rather than wire like a traditional spinner bait. The result of this is experiencing two times as many hook sets. Bass tend not to "miss" this unique spinner bait because of the flexible tube. Scents can also be added to the flexible tube for added bass attracting power.

If you are a serious bass fisherman, these new bass lures should be added to your tackle box or bag sooner rather than later. Give one or all of them a try and determine which of these lures your personal best bass lure is for your personal bass fishing tendencies.

The Top Ten Bass Fishing Lures

Bass is a very popular sporting fish that anglers like to try and catch, following is a list of the 10 best lures to use, as well as a bit on how and why each one can be used. This is purely opinion of course, but should provide you with a decent guide to help give you the edge out on the water!

1. Chatter-bait

The Chatter-bait is still a relatively new fishing lure but has made a big splash on the bass fishing scene. From tournaments to weekends on the water it has been making a name for itself by consistently producing bass. The Chatter-bait falls somewhere between a buzz-bait and a jig in presentation.

2. Swim-bait

In recent years Swim-baits have become the best bet for catching trophy-size large-mouth bass. There is a large range of Swim-baits available to match your location. Their popularity in "Big Bass" waters like those found in California and Texas push them onto this list at No. 9.

3. Creature Baits

There is a huge variety of soft plastic lures on the market that look like anything and nothing in the water. Creature baits like the Yum Woolly Beavertail have given anglers a new set of plastics to trick pressured bass. Creature baits can also be used as trailers for other baits.

4. Classic Lip Crank Bait

Crank-baits really are time tested bass catching lures. Large or small, these cranks can catch all of them. Their precision and physical appearance is constantly being updated but even the classic older versions will deliver you plenty of fish. Tournament anglers will often be seen running cranks to locate fish on large flats or over deep water structure.

5. Bass Jig

Flip it, pitch it, swim it, either way the Jig is a great way to catch bass. It is a consistent 'go-to' bait for tournament anglers and rightly so. Natural colour football head jigs are great in deep structure or you can try swimming a shad coloured model off of ledges and over structure. The addition of a trailer is always a winner.

6. Lip-less Crank

The Lip-less crank is a more versatile version of the classic crank. It's tight wiggle and multitude of depths and speeds it can be presented at have made it a favourite of professionals and amateurs alike. Kevin Van Dam uses this lure as his 'go-to' bait. Designed by KVD himself, this "sexy shad" is a must have bait!

7. Senko

The Senko has quickly become a favourite amongst anglers. It can be presented in a great variety of ways and bass really love each and every one of them. My favourite Senko technique is a Wacky Rig.

8. Spinner bait

Spinner baits like the TerminatorT2 spinner bait are the most reached for bait for locating bass. They can be fished fast or slow in deep water or shallow water. Spinner baits are especially effective as the water gets warmer. If you're out this summer and fishing in a new spot, tie on a spinner bait and do some searching. I'm sure you'll have a good time and some decent success.

9. The tube

The Tube bait is one the most versatile bass lures available. It catches large- and small-mouth bass alike and can be used in any waters at almost any temperature to catch fish. Its versatility and ability to mimic so many things give it the No. 2 ranking. Try a Berkeley Powerbait 3" or 4" in Pumpkinseed or Green Pumpkin in any water you fish. The best one I have come across is a Texas-Rig with a tungsten weight. The tungsten weight makes clicking noises as it bounces across objects, the sound of it helps bass look for it in unusual conditions. The tube gets its second place spot due to its incredible success at catching small mouth bass. It is my favourite 'go-to' bait for small mouth bass fishing.

10. Worm

Soft plastic worms come in many shapes and sizes, all of which have a place. They're by far the most versatile fishing lure on the market, and are effective on their own or as trailers. Large versions over 10" have pulled monster bass from Falcon lake while finesse worms on drop shot rigs have been used to fool even the most wary of bass. My personal 'go-to' bait is a Zoom Trick Worm Texas rigged weightless, or with a tungsten weight if needed. You can use it as a top-water, in weeds, over logs, or put a weight on and throw it into rock piles in six metres or more of water. Nothing is better than the classic worm!

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