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A Guide to Correct Bait Presentation

There must be a reason why a master angler fails to hook a fish, while a novice angler gets lucky and catches a big fish and goes back home for dinner with the trophy catch. Fishing is a very enjoyable recreational activity and it is also not as difficult as rocket science. To be able to get lucky while you are fishing, using the correct fishing lures is important.

Lure fishing is most effective when you are targeting pike, perch, bass and trout. Most of these fish will gobble any such lures mistaking them for real fish even when they are made of plastic, wood, or metal. If we compare between fishing lures and baits, the latter is cheaper. And what size or type of fishing bait will work best varies on the type of water you select to fish as well as the fish itself. Local fishermen are best equipped in this regard to give you some useful tips prior to your trip.

You have to take a closer look at the water type, whether freshwater or saltwater to decide on particular bait. You also cannot be fishing from the same spot for a long time. You need to switch places to access more and more fish. When you are using lures, make sure they resemble a natural fish very closely.  Predatory fish have good eyesight and they will only get lured if the artificial lure looks real. A shiny finish, scale patterns and realistic eyes is something you should look for while buying lures.

The environment you are looking forward to fish in will determine what kind of baits you should be opting for. Leeches, minnows, crickets, worms, crayfish etc make good freshwater lures for streams, rivers and other freshwater bodies. Saltwater fishes will however prefer cut baits, squids, eels, and shrimps and so on.

It is very important to have an understanding of the different types of baits used in fishing. Your target fish will determine what type of bait you should go for. Using cut baits or boilies or live worms will vary according to your fishing venture. Before using baits check for local rules and regulations.

You would agree that no matter what kind of fish you want to hook, you will need to keep in mind the correct time of the day to catch a big fish. Some fish prefer the cool waters while others will come out at bright lights only. You need to thus do a little research on the type of the fish to gather all these minute details. The best time to catch fish is when they are on a hunt for their prey.

While using lures you have to make an extra effort when it comes to bait presentation. The fish has to believe that your lure is not just a spoon, plug or a spinner and a real swimming prey fish. How you cast makes a difference in the presentation of the artificial lure.

The main purpose behind using a lure is to catch the attention of the fish is to get the fish to bite the hook. The movement, color and vibration of the lure thus is important and so choose only good quality lures from trusted brands.

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Allan Simons is a fishing buff from Australia, who has been fishing since he was a five. All these years of fishing has made him an expert in the field and he wants to share them with the others like him. He thus pens down various articles on fishing, lures and baits etc.