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Fly-Fishing For Northern Snakehead Fish - Comments


Fly-Fishing For Northern Snakehead Fish - Comments

Fly-Fishing For Northern Snakehead Fish

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Snakehead fish are here. They are a top-tier predator, which means they have very few natural predators, except for us. They are very aggressive and attack with a ferocious hit. To catch them, you will need top water flies, such as frogs, poppers and other type of splashy flies.

Snakehead Fish: Top Water and Aggressive

This will make a fly fisherman happy. Top water, aggressive, and hard fighting,

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out dated facts

You no longer  are required  to kill snakeheads in any state . Most states recommend you kill them but the law is that you can not transport fish alive and it must be returned to the water which it was caught. And states do not offer a reward . And you don't need a wire leader 20 lb fluro is perfect . But I do recommend some good pliers to get the hook out once you do catch them .  
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