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Northern Puget Sound remains open for salmon fishing, but expected to close soon


The northern Puget Sound (Marine Catch Area 9) hatchery chinook fishery will remain open, and state Fish and Wildlife will likely make a decision by Tuesday.

“We didn’t take any action (Monday, Aug. 1), and are at 91 percent of the catch quota for Area 9,” said Ran Lothrop, the head state Fish and Wildlife recreational salmon manager. “We should be able to fish for several more days (but) the question is which day will we close down?”

“We just don’t know yet, and we reevaluate it (Tuesday), and a get a firm estimate of the day of the season,” Lothrop said. “So just like we said before, we are taking it day-by-day.”

Through Sunday, salmon anglers in Area 9 have caught 2,791 hatchery chinook in a 3,056 sport quota. In central Puget Sound (10), 439 of the 1,395 quota have been caught.

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