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DEC proposes 8 'free fishing' days each year across NY state


The state Department of Environmental Conservation is considering expanding the number of free fishing days for anglers across the state and setting those days in regulation so they are consistent from year to year.

The DEC is seeking public comment.

In addition to Free Fishing Weekend, (the last full weekend of June), the DEC would like designate six additional free fishing days during the year. The proposed dates are:

*Presidents Day weekend in February (the Saturday and Sunday prior to Presidents Day)

*The third weekend in May

*National Hunting and Fishing Day (the 4th Saturday in September)

*Veteran's Day

To submit comments for or against, send an email to with the following subject line: "Possible Amendment to Free Sport Fishing Days."

Input will be accepted through Aug. 31. If the proposed changes are made, the additional free fishing days would become effective in 2017.

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