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Broome County gives $10k to Veterans Fly Fishing program



Broome County is giving money to an organization that teaches veterans how to fly fish.

County Executive Preston announced $10,000 in funding for the Veterans Fly Fishing program.

Local veterans can learn how to fly fish and take part in outings around the Southern Tier.

The donation will pay for travel expenses.

Veterans Fly Fishing Vice-President Gary Romanic says the organization prides itself on helping seniors heal from their past.

"Some of us came home, some of us didn't come home whole and others didn't come at all from a war there, to a peace that we had to adjust to here. Fly Fishing was a part of that adjustment," he said.

This version of fishing utilizes a "fly," an artificial type of baiting system, that typically resembles live bait, animal fragments and other designs.

The line is weighted and is cast differently from traditional spin rods.

For more information on the group, log on to


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