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Best Fishing Rivers In The United States


If you love to fish, chances are you plan your vacations as a chance get out on a boat and get some fishing in. There are many lakes, rivers and streams in the United States that offer great travel experiences and plenty of opportunities to get out on the water for some fishing. Here are some of the best fishing rivers in the country:

Bighorn River

You will find the best fishing spots at the tailwater stretch of the Bighorn River. This area is famous for heavy hatches that bring the trout right up to the surface, and there is a sizable amount of carp is in the river, too. Spin anglers have been known to catch some large trout as well. Many of the fishermen who fish this river use artificial flies, and spinners are allowed. However, the use of bait, worms and minors is restricted to the first 200 yards below the Afterbay Dam. The best thing about the Bighorn River is that it is very still and the water is extremely clear. However, the bottom does get slippery and currents are actually much swifter than they appear. When fishing the Bighorn River, just make sure to be respectful of landowner’s properties located above the high water line. To gain access to this river you will find public parking and launching facilities operated by the National Park Service down by the Afterbay Dam and another parking lot is located three miles downstream.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is one of the best streams in the U.S. for trout fishing. This popular river among fishermen flows down from the Davis Dam for approximately 12 miles before it exits Nevada. Game species found in the Colorado River include striped bass, channel fish, large-mouth bass, rainbow trout, redear sunfish and blue gill. There are also some non-game species in the river, including razorback sucker and flannelmouth sucker. If you are looking to go fishing for rainbow trout, you will want to spend time on this river between the months of October and March. For stripers, the best time to fish is from April through October. You will find several boating access points along the Arizona side of the river, with shoreline access along most of the 12 miles of river in Nevada.

Missouri River

Not many think about the Missouri River when planning their fishing trips. However, though this river is the most overlooked, it should be top on your must-visit rivers for fishing. This river is best known for its channelized riverbanks, and the fast currents are often intimidating for some anglers. If you love fishing for catfish, this is the river for you. You will find both channel and flathead catfish along the main channel in backwater areas, near brush piles and behind wing dams. Other species found in the Missouri River include shovelnose sturgeon, smallmouth bass, sauger and walleye.

Sacramento River

The Sacramento River has great hatches in both the upper freestone section and the lower tailwater section. You will find healthy rainbow trout in this river. In the summer, you will also find a healthy population of king salmon in the Sacramento River. Plus, the Sacramento River is home to many other species offering something for every angler to go out and fish for. This is one river in the country where you will have access to a diverse collection of fish, a beautiful environment and plenty of fishing opportunities by yourself or on a guided tour.

Soldotna River Walk

Most anglers visit the Soldotna River Walk for the sockeye, and this area does tend to get very busy during peak sockeye season. This river offers easy accessibility, with hard-packed gravel and shallow grade that makes fishing easy and enjoyable. Night fishing in Soldotna Park is a popular experience and when regulations allow it can be a surreal experience, especially since the sockeye tend to swim closer to the shore at night. If you have not fished this area of Alaska, you are going to want to include the Soldotna River Walk on your fishing bucket list. It is a must-experience for all fishermen.

Yellowstone River

Go fishing on the longest undammed river in the lower 48 states. The Yellowstone River has been named one of the best freestone trout streams in the U.S. and is home to the sought-after Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Downstream in Montana you will find healthy populations of rainbow and brown trout. Fishing is best done shortly after the pre-runoff in late April. You will find August another great time to fish the Yellowstone River, as well.

Suwanee River

If you have never fished in Florida, you are going to want to experience what the Suwanee River has to offer. This pristine blackwater stream flows more than 210 miles from the Georgia border to the Gulf of Mexico. You will find everything along the way, from swamp-like areas to fish to salt-marsh tidal creeks. The Suwanee River is home to trophy-quality large-mouth bass and some smaller, feisty bass species that all anglers love to fish for.

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