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Florida still leads the nation in saltwater fishing revenue


Florida remains number one in the nation in revenue and jobs supported by recreational saltwater fishing. The data, released by NOAA Fisheries, measures the economic impact of commercial and recreational saltwater fishing activities and fishing-related industries across the nation. According to the report, which covers the most recent data up to 2014, Florida is number one in the nation in jobs supported by the recreational saltwater fishing industry at 114,898.

“I am proud to announce that Florida is leading the nation in jobs supported by the recreational saltwater fishing industry,” said Gov. Rick Scott. “Our state’s world class boating and fishing also helped attract a record 105 million tourists in 2015, and we are on track for a sixth consecutive record year ... I encourage all Florida residents and visitors to … enjoy our great outdoors and see for themselves why Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.”

“I would like to thank Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature for recognizing the important role that Florida’s recreational saltwater fishing has on our economy,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Executive Director Nick Wiley. “FWC is glad that Florida’s economy gets an important boost and many jobs are supported when Floridians and visitors enjoy a great fishing adventure.”

Florida is also among the top in the nation when it comes to dollars and jobs generated by the commercial fishing industry. According to the report, Florida’s commercial seafood industry is third in the nation in numbers of jobs supported with 92,858 jobs in 2014. Florida is also second in the nation when it comes to highest sales, income and value-added impacts from the commercial industry with 18.3 billion in sales impacts. The state is also number one in the nation when it comes to sales, income and value added dollars. The recreational saltwater fishing industry contributed more than $7.9 billion to the state’s economy in 2014. Florida is also number one in number of trips taken by anglers at nearly 25 million. Florida’s freshwater fisheries also supports another 14,000 jobs and has an additional $1.7 billion economic impact.

Learn more about the NOAA report at To locate fishing sites, identify recreational species and find fishing tips, see
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